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iBlueButton for MU-2 with CaliforniaDirect

Featured at Redwood MedNet California Connects 2014- CaliforniaDirect and iBlueButton demonstrate the ease and efficient of Direct.  Watch as a provider sends critical health data to his patient- electronically and securely.


California Direct and Humetrix-iBlueButton Partnership 
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Axesson’s California Direct HISP Selects iBlueButton to Provide Patients with Mobile Access to Healthcare Records

Humetrix and California Direct to Provide Participating Physicians and Hospitals With Complete Set of Tools to Securely Transmit Records to Patients’ Mobile Devices 

Del Mar, CA, July 22, 2014 – Humetrix, the mobile medical apps company that puts patients in control of their own healthcare, today announced that its iBlueButton app has been selected by California Direct, to provide participating physicians with the means to securely transmit medical records to patients via their mobile devices.  The addition of the iBlueButton app adds mobile capabilities to the California Direct offering for the first time, allowing patients to receive and carry their medical records and share them with doctors at the point of care.

Humetrix and Axesson, which powers California Direct, will demonstrate this advanced level of interoperability at the Redwood MedNet Conference on July 25, 2014 in Santa Rosa.  Beginning on August 1 participating hospitals and physicians can use iBlueButton to transmit medical records directly their patient’s mobile devices.

“iBlueButton adds enormous value to California Direct, by giving our physicians the capability to empower their patients,” said Bill Beighe, general manager of Axesson.   “With the ability to push medical records to patients’ mobile devices, participating doctors and health systems improve communications and allow patients to actively manage and drive their own healthcare decisions. We are using several standards including Direct Messaging, Blue Button+ and Consolidated CDA to facilitate the interoperability with modern health technology that is deployed or being deployed by providers and hospitals across the country.”

Physicians and hospitals that use California Direct to facilitate communication between providers, care team members, and patients can now offer iBlueButton for download to their patients’ devices and iBlueButton Professional for physician use on their iPads.    Once patients have the app, doctors can push care summaries and other important medical records securely to their devices, so patients have an up to date picture of their medical history on hand at each doctor’s visit or interaction.

“California Direct fills a critical HIE gap in California by offering a low cost HIE service to providers,” said Pamela Lane, California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS), Deputy Secretary, Health Information and CalOHII Director. “The addition of the iBlueButton mobile app now provides a practical means for the exchange of critical health information between providers and their patients.”

“Arming patients with their health records at the point of care can dramatically improve clinical outcomes and even save lives,” said Dr. Bettina Experton, CEO of Humetrix.   “California Direct is among the organizations leading the way in capitalizing on both consumers’ and providers’ broad adoption of mobile devices to accelerate health information exchange and interoperability for safer and more coordinated care in the United States.  With iBlueButton, physicians can give their patients a powerful tool that puts critical health information in the palm of their hands and make them active participants in their own healthcare.”

California Direct and Humetrix demonstrated iBlueButton earlier this year in State of California health information exchange pilots conducted in Santa Cruz and San Diego and at the Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS 2014.

About iBlueButton

iBlueButton automatically pulls or receives healthcare records from the VA, TRICARE, Medicare and Meaningful Use  stage 2 (MU-2)certified EMRs on a user’s smartphone or tablet. iBlueButton records are totally secure because they come directly to the user’s device and are not stored on a third party server where they could be tampered with. It uses Blue Button+/ MU-2 standards to parse and receive records via the Direct secure data transport protocol. iBlueButton is available for download from iTunes and Google Play.

About Axesson 

Axesson, which powers California Direct, delivers health information exchange and analytic solutions necessary to make healthcare succeed. Our team’s 15+ years of experience creating system interoperability allow us to bring you complete connectivity solutions.   Axesson is a member of Direct Trust and the National Association for Trusted Exchange, both of which are key to facilitating patient and provider secure communication. Axesson operates the Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange (SCHIE), one of the longest-running in the industry, and supports clients in over 20 states. For more information about Axesson, please visit our website at  For more information about California Direct, visit

About Humetrix

Humetrix has pioneered the development of innovative consumer-centered IT solutions over the past 15 years, which have been deployed around the world.  Humetrix’s award winning iBlueButton and ICEBlueButton apps are the mobile embodiment of the Federal Blue Button initiative launched in 2010 by the Veterans Administration, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the U.S. Department of Defense, now embraced by over 500 organizations and available to more than 150 million Americans.

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Advanced California HIE Technology

July 7, 2014

Axesson is sponsoring Coordination of Care across Disparate Systems and Care Settings at California Connects 2014.

We will be demonstrating in partnership with SCHIEInofileSD Health Connect and Humetrix, the coordination of care across different technology platforms leveraging the ClearExchnage Suite of solutions, including Direct Messaging.

Various fictiticious patient stories will highlight the power of HIEs, as patient health information is sent and received between providers, hospitals, behavioral health providers, ancillary services, and more- closing the technology gaps for a real interoperable experience. Read the proposal here and Health Informatics’ article Interoperability Showcase to Demonstrate Maturing California HIEs to find out more.

PHR Ignite Pilot

May 16, 2014

The ONC’s State Health Policy Consortium supported The PHR Ignite Project to promote data exchange between patients and providers, across state lines.

The National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE) and the Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange (SCHIE), both participated in the pilot project.

Axesson is a member of NATE and the flagship technology company behind SCHIE.

“NATE developed trust bundles that enabled widespread Direct exchange” across state lines (Oregon, California and Alaska), “between participating PHR systems and EHRs through participating Health Information Service Providers (HISPs)”

SCHIE worked with community physicians to provide NoMoreClipboard PHRs to patients, expanding patient engagement through the bi-directional, trusted Direct exchange of patient health information.

The pilot participants developed policies and “governance structure” for implementing HISP-PHR Direct communication.

“NATE member States support and look forward to continuing their multi-state governance approach to increase interoperability, decrease the cost and complexity of Direct exchange, increase trust among participants, facilitate consumer mediated exchange, and mobilize exchange to support patient care.”

Read More about PHR Ignite Project
ONC Blog
ONC Article

You want even more good news for patients? We’re here to please!

March 26, 1014
Sean Nolan; MicrosoftHealthVault

Check out Family Health Guy’s blog post on California Direct and Healthvault (personal health record offering).

A Showcase of Trust

February 20, 1014

Elizabeth Gardener; Road to HIMSS

When HIMSS attendees think “health information exchange,” they’re usually thinking about provider-to-provider, a complicated enough transaction. But one corner of this year’s Interoperability Showcase, held during the entirety of this year’s conference, will feature exchange with patients, a growing trend as personal health records proliferate and wearable devices and home monitoring equipment contribute new data streams.

Visitors to that corner may encounter Aaron Seib, CEO of the National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE), which is striving to build a trust framework that will bridge the yawning chasm between personal health records (maintained by the patient), and electronic health records (maintained by the provider, who often has a deep distrust of information maintained by the patient). If the visitors have any involvement in health information exchange, Seib wants to talk to them about his fledgling organization, launched in May 2013 as a result of an ONC-funded pilot among several western states.

Seib wants NATE to become a key part of trusted information exchange, so that organizations won’t have to vet PHR products themselves but can work with any PHR that adheres to NATE’s framework. (Several vendors have signed on, including No More Clipboard, Humetrix, and HealthVault.)

“Why haven’t PHRs taken off?” he asks. “It’s like visiting an empty library.” Interoperability between EHRs and PHRs will relieve patients of the onerous and error-generating task of entering the information themselves.

Two of the organization’s partners, the Santa Cruz (Calif.) HIE and the University of California at San Diego, will be part of NATE’s demo, showcasing real-world scenarios in which patients use PHRs and Direct secure messaging to communicate with providers, and collect information through wearable devices and communicate it to their physicians.

NATE’s demo isn’t confined to the showcase. The workstation at Santa Cruz HIE’s exhibit will also show the PHR transactions, as will the iPads and laptops of attendees affiliated with NATE or its members.


Axesson Press Release

January 24, 2014

Axesson Launches California Direct

Simple health information exchange supporting achievement of Meaningful Use

Axesson, a HISP and HIE service provider specializing in clinical connectivity, is pleased to announce our newest product, California Direct, a simple and safe way to share health information with the right person at the right time. Based on federal standards, Direct enables communication between providers, care team members, and patients to improve care coordination.

California Direct accounts are available to all health care stakeholders in the state for a very low cost that includes implementation and training, with no additional transaction fees. Thanks to funding from the UC Davis Institute for Population Health Improvement (IPHI) and itsCalifornia Health eQuality (CHeQ) Program, the first 1,000 accounts for qualifying rural providers will be free for 2014. This funding flows from the California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS) cooperative agreement with the Office of the National Coordinator for HIT (ONC).

Axesson will operate California Direct as a Health Information Service Provider (HISP). “We’re enthusiastic about offering Direct to Providers in California,” said Bill Beighe, General Manager of Axesson. “This funding from CHeQ for free accounts in qualifying rural areas is an important investment given the need for a simple data exchange option for many rural Providers.”

Pam Lane, CHHS Deputy Secretary for HIE, commented, “California Direct fills a critical gap in the HIE landscape in our State, offering a low-cost service that Providers can adopt to share data to improve patient care, especially in rural regions where there isn’t a community HIE alternative today.”

Providers with a 2014-certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) system may choose to access California Direct from within their EHR, while providers without an EHR can use a secure mailbox that functions similar to email. Direct is easily integrated into existing referral patterns and practice workflows while significantly reducing faxing, scanning, and re-keying of data. Common scenarios include:

  • Transmitting referrals and care summaries;
  • Sending alerts to Providers caring for a patient upon hospital admission, discharge, and transfer;
  • Enabling patients to receive copies of their own information electronically;
  • Connecting to trusted health information exchanges;
  • Helping eligible providers and eligible hospitals meet Meaningful Use requirements.

Beighe added, “Axesson is committed to the safe and secure exchange of patient health data with the goal of data following the patient wherever it is needed. To that end, we are participating in the National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE) and DirectTrust.” California Direct includes a standards-based Provider Directory that will allow Providers, including those using other HISPs, to find each other and exchange Direct messages.

“The launch of California Direct is a significant event not just for California, but nationally,” explained David C. Kibbe, MD, MBA, senior advisor to the AAFP and DirectTrust CEO. “It’s another indication that Direct exchange is reaching a tipping point as a ubiquitous means of secure health information exchange in 2014, and Axesson is well-positioned to expand this service to other provider communities. With accreditation from DirectTrust, Axesson’s Direct customers will be assured of reaching Direct customers across the country who are part of DirectTrust’s network.”

Aaron Seib, NATE’s CEO, added, “Axesson’s involvement in NATE’s efforts to expand the appropriate use of health information exchange, including NATE’s Provider Directory and PHR activities, will directly benefit all types of providers, including those in rural regions of California.”

Enrollment to California Direct is open at

About Axesson  Axesson delivers health information exchange and analytic solutions necessary to make healthcare succeed. Our 15+ years of experience creating system interoperability allow us to bring you complete connectivity solutions.   Axesson operates the Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange (SCHIE), one of the longest-running in the industry, and supports clients in over 20 states. For more information about Axesson, please visit our website          

 Axesson 5200 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA   95062  831.600.3750  

Download a PDF version of our Press Release to share with you colleagues.

CHeQ Press Release for California Direct

January 16, 2014- UC Davis Institute for Population Health Improvement- CHeQ is funding 1,000 FREE Direct accounts for rural California providers for 2014. To read the whole release on CHeQ’s website click here or view pdf version below.CHeQ Press Release

California Direct Launch

January 3, 2014– Axesson is proud to announce registration for California Direct opens January 2014.

CHeQ Announcement

October 29, 2013– CHeQ is supporting California Direct through the Rural HIE Incentive Program, which has subsidized a range of HIE options in rural areas of the state. CHeQ Announcement PDF

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