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Personal Health Records (PHR)

California Direct lets you send clinical data to those who need it most- your patients. Direct Secure Messages can be sent to a patient’s PHR for storage and accessibility.

Meet your Meaningful Use Requirements

50% of your patients need to have electronic access to their health data. California Direct is a HIPAA compliant method for meeting this criteria.

Provider Benefits

  • Satisfy patient engagement MU requirements
  • Improve patient experience and satisfaction
  • Cut down administrative costs and paper-based workflows
  • Send and receive PHI such as health summaries, visit notes, medication reconciliation, health education, care instructions, and more
  • Communicate non-traditional forms of PHI such as invoices and insurance documents
  • Accessible data simplifies health management for individuals and families
  • Consume PHI into 2014 certified EHRs

Patient Benefits

  • Become an active participant in your health story
  • Convenient access to healthcare information for you and your family
  • Communicate directly with your care providers
  • Be better prepared for medical emergencies
  • Monitor health history, conditions and illnesses, allergies, fitness, lab results, and more
  • Store information throughout your healthcare journey




Check out this video from the ONC about Health Information Technology for You!

Couple_babyPHRs for Families

Today Lauren’s doctor confirmed that she is pregnant! Dr. Goodnews signs Lauren up for a HealthVault PHR. Lauren shares her PHR with her partner enabling access to Lauren’s health data. Over the next nine months Dr. Goodnews uses California Direct to send health education, appointment reminders, and clinical summaries to the nervous first time mom. Lauren updates her weight gain, blood pressure, and fitness information and sends to Dr. Goodnews from within her HealthVault account which leverages Direct. When baby is born Lauren and her partner create a HealthVault account for their child. They forward Lauren’s pregnancy information, clinical documents, and newborn details to baby’s pediatrician- all done using PHR and Direct. Dr. First uses Direct-PHR communication to update baby’s PHR with development stats and immunizations as baby’s care continues. Monitoring helps ensure that both baby and mommy stay healthy. 


What are some PHR platforms?

There are many PHR options including, Microsoft HealthVault and NoMoreClipboard.  Tell us who you are using for a PHR and Axesson will enable your California Direct account to exchange with them.

How do I sign my patients up for a PHR account?

Signing up your patients for a PHR is as simple as sending a Direct message, literately.

Click HERE for instructions on how to sign your patients up for HealthVault.

What if my patient is already using a PHR?

Many PHR platforms allow patients to print a letter or card that contains their PHR addresses. Providers, help remind your patients at the time of scheduling to bring in their PHR addresses.  Once Axesson confirms the identity of the HISP supplying the Direct address, we will exchange certificates and you can begin sending and receiving PHI via California Direct. California Direct is already enabled for sending and receiving from HealthVault and NoMoreClipboard.


Eldercouple_shutterstock_116020681Managing a Condition with a PHR

John has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. His doctor outlines diet and lifestyle changes, as well as new medications.  To help John gain control of his blood glucose levels, Dr.Savvy registers John for a NoMoreClipboard account.  Using California Direct Dr. Savvy sends a Direct message to John’s PHR containing the visit summary and health education material on diabetes.  From the comfort of home, John is able to complete the PHR registration and accesses his clinical information sent from Dr.Savvy.  John can now share his clinical data, at his disposal, with trusted care providers at future visits.  He also uses his NoMoreClipboard address to send updates (blood glucose levels and weight changes) to his provider allowing Dr.Savvy to monitor John’s condition and coordinate his care using a secure, HIPAA compliant form of communication. 



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